TWR realizes exclusives tribological coating, made by thermal spray, to cover members who need to answer to WEAR, EROSION, ABRASION, CORROSION, IMPACTS, THERMAL PROTECTION, ADHESION, SLIDING, CLEANING/SANIFICATION.

The tribological coatings TWR comprise: zirconia coating, cromia coatings, alumina coatings, coatings for metallization, tungsten carbide coatings, plasma coatings, aluminium - oxide coatings, thermal barriers, plasma spray.

In particular, coverings TWR, patenteds are :

tungsten carbide coatings with excellent qualities for antiwear, antiadhesion, antiabrasion and corrosion. It guarantees highest hardness: from 1300 HV to 1500 HV; usable with temperatures from -100 to 500°C.

alumina coatings made by thermal spray protection “clean” of ceramic type: smoothness,wear, antiabrasion , anticorrosion and hardness from  600 HVto 1000 HV. Increases the duration of component until 5/6 times.

cromia coatings excellent for antiwear, antiadhesion,antiabrasion, anticorrosion after sealing, with hardness from
1200 HV to 1400 HV, usable with temperatures from -100 °C
to 600°C.

zirconia coating used for Thermal Barrier (TBC Thermal Barrier Coating), usable with temperatures advanced to the 1000 °C and in and in atmospheres highly corrosive.

The Politekk family is a new group of products designed and realized in our laboratory. Politekk has an excellent resistance against erosion and abrasion, but also adhesive wear, corrosion. Like all Polymers it is an elettric and thermal barrier.

Shield is a metal base coating composed by Nickel and Chrome with a hardness Vickers value between 240HV and 260HV.
This type of protective coating was created to resist corrosion and oxidation for high temperature metals until 1800F.
Thickness goes from 0.004 inches to 0.015 inches.

Chrome carbide coatings are used in situations of adhesive wear, cavitation and other types of wear but at high temperature: top performance range 1200F to 1600F.
Hardness from 350HV to 450HV
Thickness from 0.004 to 0.015 inches.
Roughness after grinding and polishing: 0.05 Ra

Deposition of quality type stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316 over iron, steel or other alloys:useful to obtain good corrosion resistance proper of stainless steels but just where this property is needed.
Copper and Molybdenum coatings application on steel and other alloys, with different technologies in order to customer's demand.
Regeneration of parts compromised and very attacked by wear.


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